Garden at Sainte-Addresse (2013)

Oil on canvas I imitated Monnet’s. I gave this painting to my 3rd sister for a wedding gift, and it’s now under the basement. LOL She told that’s because of her child Tei, and also mentioned the painting is a way too big and heavy so it can be a threat her kid.

The fall (2012)

The fall(2012). 4th job. Oil on canvas. I love the moment of the movie. I learned how hard to draw people using oil. The moment is the kid was faking that men to listen more of interesting stories from the men, where the men can’t feel his legs behind the curtain. The curtain separate them…

A horse (2011)

3rd painting with oil. I like this image. It reflects a part of my ego, will of the independent stance from others. I ain’t stubborn at all though some pieces are solid

A port (2011)

It was my 2nd painting with oil on canvas and I gifted this to a friend of mine who is a magician and was an owner of a pub at Seoul. He asked me to give it to display on the wall of the pub, AND HE SOLD THIS PAINTING WITH STUFFS OF THE PUB…